The top two documentaries on Africa ever made

If you haven't seen these, then you probably need too!

There have been two documentaries about sub-Saharan Africa that stand out as the most important ever made.

The first is Africa Addio, published in 1966. An Italian film crew made this, and it is particularly famous for capturing the only video of the Zanzibar holocaust in progress. Video crews risked their lives for some of the footage. The main criticism of this documentary is that it features videos of poachers. The film crews were accused of collaborating with the poachers by not notifying the authorities.

Africa Addio covers numerous countries. It was created to document the transfer of power from White rule to Black rule in sub-Saharan Africa.

The next video is The Vice Guide to Liberia, starring Shane Smith. This documentary is solely about Liberia. This was made in 2010, long before HBO purchased VICE. At this time, Vice was publishing serious documentaries.

Among other things, Shane Smith interviews the famous ex-warlord “General Butt Naked,” who is now a Christian evangelist.

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