Taliban seizes six provincial capitals

Taliban is demonstrating large support among Tajiks and Uzbeks

The Taliban appears to gain very significant support among the Tajiks and Uzbeks, their former enemies.

Kunduz, 5th largest city, 374k, capital of Kunduz province, mostly Pashtun

Taliban had been entering Kunduz in large numbers since 2015 and appears to have major support in the city. The Afghan military and security forces only control the airport and a military base. The airport is at a high elevation south of city and said to be easily defendable. The Taliban has been shelling a military base inside the city with artillery and mortars. The USA airforce is bombing Taliban targets in the city.

Sheberghan, 176k, capital of Jowzjan Province, mostly Uzbek

Sheberghan was allegedly taken with little or no fight. Afghan security forces are said to have ditched their uniforms and deserted. This is considered the second most important Uzbek city. The head of the Province is said to have defected to the Taliban.

Aybak, 120k, capital of Samangan Province, two-thirds Tajik and one third Uzbek

Formerly a center of resistance to the Taliban in the 90s.

Taloqan, 64k, capital of Takhar Province, mostly Uzbek

Taliban forces entered the city and freed prisoners from the jail. Security forces are said to have mostly fled.

Farah, 54k, capital of Farah Province, majority Pashtun. Tajiks are the second largest group.

Taliban seized Farah on August 10th. The governor of Farah declared that security forces were repelling the Taliban and then five hours later said the city had fallen.

Zaranj, 50k, capital of Nimruz Province, Nearly half Baloch, with Pashtun the second largest ethnic group

Taliban is said to have taken the city with little or no fight.

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