Sweden: One out of every seven foreign born males was a suspect in a crime between 2015-2018

Swedish crime rates based on ethnicity are consistent and predictable

The Swedish Crime Prevention Council [Brå] published a new report on August 25th that looked at crime suspects between 2015 and 2018.

One out of every twenty males was a suspect in a crime between 2015 to 2018. Among foreign-born males, this increases to one in seven. Among first-generation and foreign-born African males, this increases to one in three! Left-wing politicians and media are attacking Brå, saying that disclosing truthful information on crime will prove that the “racists” were right all along.

In several other recent reports, Brå censored the ethnicity of crime suspects. However, this time they are not.

Jerzy Sarnecki is a Jewish immigrant from Poland who is a professor of criminology at Stockholm University. While he implored people to judge others as individuals, he said the report is no surprise at all. He told Swedish public television that 39 studies dating back to 1974 show the same results. Crime rate disparities between ethnic groups have been consistent over decades and are easily predictable.

Sarnecki says that even among second-generation foreigners, the disparities remain.

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