Perp gets manslaughter wrist slap for savage hate crime killing

Not his first victim either!

Elijah Humphrey, 32, admits to fatally beating Daniel Engledrum, a 49-year-old White homeless man, to death in Bridgeport, CT. He falsely claimed the man made a homosexual pass at him to provoke the attack. The attack occurred on January 11th, 2023. Engledrum died of his wounds in the hospital two days later.

Police say a prolonged attack ended with Humphrey picking up Engledrum’s already battered body and slamming it on the concrete.

This is a re-occurring theme for Humphrey. He made the same homosexual pass claim after brutally beating another man in Stamford, CT. In March 2018, he accepted a plea deal for a low-level assault charge and ethnic intimidation. He then served one year of a four-year sentence.

He was also charged with a heinous, unprovoked attack on a woman in Stamford in 2017. The unnamed victim had to get stitches on her scalp. Humphrey was charged with robbery and assault. However, the media trail ends. It doesn’t look like he was ever prosecuted.

He has now been charged with manslaughter and ethnic intimidation, but not murder. The whole reason that Humphrey was allowed to kill Engedrum is that he has been pampered by the system and allowed to continue to walk free. He is still being pampered.

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