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Last updated on 3/21/24

Recently, we sent out our first direct mail campaign. We targeted some conservative areas on the outskirts of the St. Louis metro area. Our mailing included a six question survey for people to fill out and return in a postage paid envelope.

These are the results of the survey questions so far. Some people wrote their own answer for a question.

For the 2024 Presidential election, which are you most concerned about?

Both: 3.0% (write in)
Who will be the candidates: 23.5%
Will the election be fair: 73.5%

Should the State Attorney General have the power to remove prosecutors who refuse to prosecute crime?

Yes: 85.7%
No: 11.4%
Unsure: 2.9%

At what age should people be allowed to alter their bodies with transsexual drugs/surgeries?

12: 5.9%
18: 11.8%
21: 73.5%
Never: 5.9% (write-in)
Unsure: 2.9% (write-in)

Do you support a tx credit for parents who homeschool or send their children to private school?

Yes: 63.9%
No: 27.8%
Unsure: 8.3%

Do you believe that America’s current immigration policy is a threat to our future?

Yes: 83.3%
No: 13.9%
Unsure: 2.8%

Should affirmative action and racial quotas be banned in all government agencies?

Yes: 78.4%
No: 16.2%
Unsure: 5.4%


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