Ohio Right to Life fires director after Congressman protested her pro-Jesus tweet

Congressman Max Miller accused of getting Lizzie Marbach fired

On August 15th, Ohio Right to Life Communications Director Lizzie Marbach tweeted about Jesus Christ.

One hour later, Max Miller, a Jewish Republican US Congressmen, launched a very nasty tweet attacking Marbach. He claimed her pro-Jesus tweet was “one of the most bigoted tweets I have ever seen.”

Hours later, Max Miller deleted his tweet and claimed he was allegedly sorry after receiving a massive backlash on Twitter.

Two days later, on August 17th, Ohio Right to Life announced that Lizzie Marbach had been fired as Communications Director.

As recently as August 11th and August 15th, Ohio Right to Life tweeted videos of Lizzie Marbach. In fact, the August 15th video was even retweeted on August 17th.

Another member of the Right to Life Board is Emily Moreno Miller. She is the wife of US Congressman Max Miller and the daughter of US Senator Bernie Moreno.

People are accusing Max Miller of pressuring Ohio Right to Life to fire Marbach, using his wife as leverage.

Ohio Right to Life says that the firing of Elizabeth Marbach was not based “on any one single event.” Naturally, people immediately pointed out that this is not a denial that Max Miller’s opposition to her pro-Jesus tweet played a role. Why did Ohio Right to Life tweet a video of Lizzie Marbach on August 15th, and then retweet it on August 17th if she was on the cusp of being fired?

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