NYC to spend at least $10.6 Billion on illegal aliens in three years

Eric Adams says he is saving the city $1.7 Billion

New York City had projected the costs associated with taking care of illegal aliens would total $12.25 Billion from FY23 through FY25.

However, Mayor Eric Adams says he has cut $1.7 Billion from project illegal alien spending in FY24 and FY25. He says the city is now projected to spend only $10.6 Billion on illegal aliens in three years.

Eric Adams continues to blame Texas for the influx of illegal aliens, even though he supports open borders and more illegal aliens. He only wants them to stay out of New York City.

On December 27th, Adams issued Executive Order 538, threatening bus companies with fines for bringing in more illegals without prior authorization. On January 4th, Adams announced he was filing a lawsuit against seventeen bus companies.


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Ian Random
5 months ago

He’s just thinking about getting more congressional seats for his state.