New DHS “counter-disinformation” chief posts unhinged man-hating rants on Twitter

Nina Jankowicz seems very anti-male

Nina Jankowicz

DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas just disclosed that his department has created a “disinformation governance board.” The new board will be headed by Nina Jankowicz, a former advisor to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. She also worked for the National Democratic Institute [NDI]. This is an NGO, partially funded by the US government, to allegedly strengthen democracy in foreign nations. Critics of the NDI say it is a partisan organization of the Democratic Party.

She is also the author of How To Be A Woman Online.

On Twitter, Nina Jankowicz posts wild rants about all men. She seems to believe that if a woman posts provocative political statements on a public forum, men should not be allowed to respond to them. In other words, women should be able to advocate political positions without the indignity of seeing any counter-arguments from men. She wants social media companies to do more to crack down on so-called “abusive” male users.

Naturally, she openly opposes freedom of speech on social media.

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