Massive drug bust at Indianapolis chicken joint owned by anti-violence activist

Bizarre story

Ron Gee, who owns the 1313 Eatery, has multiple local businesses and is described as an anti-violence activist. He is involved with something called Operation Cease Fire.

The 1313 Eatery bills itself as “Home of the Grippo Wingz,” and features a “Kool-Aid bar.”

Last November, the Eatery had a fire after opened at a new location less than two months earlier. Local media rallied around him. The local ABC affiliate called it a “treasured restaurant.”

The local NBC affiliate called it a “beloved restaurant” and said the owner Ron Gee, “lifts up Indianapolis.” After the fire, a GoFundMe was launched that raised $5,400.

Now the local FOX affiliate says police found a massive stockpile of meth, cocaine, and fentanyl inside the restaurant’s new location on E. 38th Street in Indianapolis. The NBC station also reported the bust but did not address their previous favorable press coverage.

The owner has not been charged with any crime. Only one person, William Collins, has reportedly been arrested.

The owner also says he has opened another location in Anderson, IN.

Kool Aid Bar

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