Largest German media outlet complains that Muslim are not secular liberals yet

The most cringe critique of Muslim immigrants you have ever seen

BILD, which means picture in German, is a daily newspaper in Germany. Their website is the single most visited German media outlet online.

Following anti-Israel riots in German cities, the Bild editorial staff published a manifesto on Muslim immigrants. It is published in at least five languages, including German, English, Arabic, Turkish, and Russian.

After years of enthusiastic support for open borders as mass Muslim immigration, BILD is angry that Muslim immigrants have not transformed into secular liberals yet.

It lays out 50 things that Muslims must do to integrate with German society.

Some of things on their list are pure common sense:

  1. Don’t commit rape
  2. Don’t litter
  3. Don’t riot
  4. Don’t shoot fireworks at police
  5. Don’t stab people
  6. No child marriages
  7. Stop abusing social services and get jobs

Other things on the list are pure political propaganda:

  1. Support homosexuality
  2. Support transsexuality
  3. Support radical feminism
  4. Support divorce
  5. Do not ostracized women for cheating on husbands
  6. Fight “intolerance”
  7. Support Israel in the Israeli-Palestine conflict

Item #21 even demands that immigrants support a fictional narrative that women get paid less for the same work!

Yet item #30 on the list of 50 items calls for support for continued open borders!

30. Those seeking protection from political persecution or war in Germany will find it. Even those who have no claim to it can often stay. We don’t expect gratitude, even if it would be appropriate. But we do demand strict adherence to our laws and respect for our values and way of life.

In their own “manifesto” about how non-European migrants are not integrating into German society, BILD calls for more non-European migrants.

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