Kindergarten graduation explodes into violence

Sommerville, TN Public School

The Buckley-Carpenter Elementary School is in Sommerville, TN. This school is 59% Black & 34% White.

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Joe Blow
19 days ago

Wow…. Talk about a new low. Even for them… A Kindergarten graduation… really? What, did someone ‘disrespect’ you?

Ya know, I get how people say “that’s racist”, because they feel that racism is worse than observable facts, but my God, how many times do they have to demonstrate they are not fit for society, before we decide to exclude them from our society!?!?! They freely admit they have no desire to be like us, anymore than we desire to be like them, so why is everyone insisting on forcing us to be together?

Tiger’s don’t mingle with Lion’s at the watering hole, this isn’t anything ‘new’ to our world. Animals that live by different rules do not mingle packs together. It invariably creates problems when the hyena’s try to cozy up with the gazelle’s. Since before human’s walked the earth, this is how things worked. But in the last 60 years, we’re going to do a full 180 and magically it will work?
Stupid. People are just stupid.