Insane mob violence at Elevate Trampoline Park that was accused of racism by the NAACP

NAACP previously claimed that white employees were the problem

Elevate Trampoline Park operates nine “Extreme Indoor Recreational Parks.” Four of these locations are in Illinois. On Saturday, February 6th, dozens of black teenagers engaged in a prolonged mob battle during “Teen Night” at the East Peoria, IL location. The fighting lasted for over ten minutes, continuing even after police arrived. “Teen Night” has now been discontinued at all four Illinois locations.

Watch on Youtube (Youtube just slapped restrictions on this video and you must be logged in to watch)

How many times have you heard the media, the entertainment industry, and so-called academics blame white people for black shortcomings? How many people in this video will be in and out of jails and prisons over the next ten years? Then we will hear about how they are victims of “systemic racism,” and how whites don’t go to jail because of “white privilege.”

In fact, last June, Peoria NAACP president Marvin Highwater led a protest in front of Elevate Trampoline Park in East Peoria. He claimed the employees were anti-black. A black teenage girl told a seventeen-year-old white employee that she was hit with a dodge ball and then called a “n*****” by a mixed-race person.  This also occurred during a Saturday “Teen Night.” The employee said he did not know what to do since the alleged perpetrator was also part black. The staff was accustomed to hearing black patrons call each other this word on a regular basis.

At some point, the staff felt the girl and her friends were becoming belligerent and they decided to call the police. The protesters, naturally, also claim the girl and her friends were mistreated by police as well.

Hightower accused the staff of singling out black people for abuse. “They were treated differently because of the color of their skin. The way they were addressed was different because of the color of their skin,” Hightower proclaimed. The owners of the facility were made to grovel and beg forgiveness.

Where is the NAACP now? Are we still supposed to believe that the problem is the white staff?

East Peoria is over 90% white, however, it is in close proximity to majority-black neighborhoods in downtown Peoria.

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