Five shot, three dead in St. Paul; directly tied to ongoing law enforcement stand down

Police were called to the house 17 times in the past year

St. Paul, Minnesota, saw an incredible explosion of homicides in 2020, coinciding with devastating BLM rioting and law enforcement stand down. In 2021, St. Paul set a new record for the highest homicide rate in the city’s history.

The chaos is still going strong. On September 4th, five people were shot at 951 Case Ave E. Police have yet to release any details on the suspect or the victims. However, there is a disturbing detail about the location.

According to SPPD public information officer Sargeant Mike Ernster, the SPPD was called to the house at least seventeen times in the past year. Ernster says the calls stemmed from disorderly conduct, domestic crimes, and aggravated assault.

What we see is a continued stand down. The police have their hands tied by the city leadership. This mass shooting is a direct result of that.

St. Paul Homicides:

1992: 32 (275k, 11.6 homicides per 100k) former all time record
2018: 17 homicide
2019: 30 homicides
2020: 34 (308k, 11 homicides per 100k)

2021: 38 (310k, 12.3 per 100k) new all time record

St. Paul had at least twenty-one homicides in the first six months of 2022. On track to beat 2021. In 2020, 70.6% of homicide victims and 89.7% of known homicide suspects in St. Paul were black. Yet the city is only 16-18% black.

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