British FA gives Latino footballer giant fine, suspension, and sensitivity training for saying “negritos”

Uruguayan word for friend sounds too much like a racial slur says British Football Authority

Hunting for alleged “racism” supersedes common sense.

Edinson Cavani is an Uruguayan football player (AKA soccer) for the British team Manchester United. After a teammate congratulated him on Instagram, he replayed with the phrase “gracias negritos.”

In Uruguay, negritos can mean someone with a dark skin tone but is generally used to mean “friend,” or “sweetheart.” The British Football Association, which has made it its life mission to root out alleged “racism,” has come down on Cavani harshly.

They say the word negritos sounds too much like a racial slur. He has been suspended from playing for three games, fined one hundred thousand British pounds (about $137,000 USD), and must be re-educated via sensitivity training classes.

Cavani made a statement saying that he is unfamiliar with the English language and English customs, but will not contest the punishment given.

British commentator Piers Morgan, who has worked for multiple left-wing media outlets, even denounced the actions of the FA as outrageous.

“Ridiculous that Edinson Cavani has been banned for using a term to a friend that’s considered inoffensive in his own country. No racist intent, no offense felt by the recipient. Dumb overreaction by the FA. A quiet word about language sensitivities would have sufficed.” – Piers Morgan

One must consider the irony that the UK is recruiting football players from all over the world and then punishing them for engaging in their native customs and mannerism inside of Britain. It almost sounds like “racism.”

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