Ben Crump suing Walmart to get gangster rap themed cereal on the shelves

The new frontier of civil rights

Celebrity Black racial activist Ben Crump says he is suing Walmart to get a gangster rap-themed children’s cereal placed on the shelves.

The cereal was created by Master P and Snoop Dogg, who have made foul-mouthed, sexually explicit, and violent gangster rap music. Walmart allegedly agreed to sell the cereal. However, Crump says that Walmart has “sabotaged” the product by not putting it on enough shelves.

Ben Crump also alleges the cereal is nutritious. Fruity Hoops says on the label that the number one ingredient is sugar and the number four ingredient is marshmallows. It has 19 grams of added sugar for every 39 gram serving. That is 49% added sugar!

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4 months ago

Reminder that an octogenarian Saint Rosa Parks was the victim of a black home invasion robber while living in Detroit in ‘94. He hit her in the face and stole $53. Of course, she became famous decades earlier for sitting around and doing nothing. Two fitting examples of black culture in a nutshell.

Self-evident truths
4 months ago

LOL, imagine going back in time and showing / explaining this headline to the Founding Fathers on the day they signed the Declaration Of Independence.