Are Hate Crime charges racist? Blacks were over twice as likely to be charged as Whites in 2020

Whites are underrepresented among those charged with a hate crime in 2020

The Federal Bureau of Investigation looked at data from 15,136 of America’s 18,623 crime-fighting agencies. They collected 7,759 hate crimes.

Of these, there are 6,576 known offenders. Of the known offenders, the data lists the race and ethnicity for 5,496 offenders.

Hate crime charges are highly politicized. You can make the argument that White perpetrators are disproportionately targeted for hate crimes charges compared to non-White. However, it turns out that Whites are still not the ones most likely to be charged.

Of the known perpetrators, whose race is listed, 1,309, or 23.8%, are Black. Another 6.9% are “mixed race.”

Another 3,633 are listed as the FBI’s infamous “White” category. White means those of European descent, Latinos, North Africans, Arabs, Gypsies, Turks, and Central Asians. In FBI crime statistics, “White” is a catch-all category that includes everyone who is not Black, East Asian, Pacific Islander, or an American Indian.

Some of the reporting agencies list “ethnicity” as a subcategory. Six hundred twenty-seven are listed as Hispanic, and 154 are listed as “multiple.” The “multiple” ethnicity category is something I have never seen before in FBI crime data. However, only 56.4% of offenders have Hispanic or non-Hispanic as a subcategory. Of the offenders from agencies that classified people as Hispanic or Non-Hispanic, 25.2% are classified as Hispanic or mixed Hispanic.

Of the 5,496 offenders, in which a race is listed:

1,309 Black
3,633 White, Hispanic/Latino, Other (as high as 25.2% Hispanic, plus Middle Easterners and Central Asians)
378 Mixed Race
75 Asian
70 American Indian
31 Hawaiian or Pacific Islander

23.8% Black
6.9% Mixed Race
1.4% Asian
1.3% American Indian
0.6% Hawaiian or Pacific Islander

66.1% White, Hispanic/Latino, Other

(14.2% Known to be Hispanic or mixed Hispanic)

Actual Whites of European decent easily constitute well under 60% of those charged.

Despite the highly political application of hate crime charges, Blacks were still over twice as likely to be charged with a hate crime than Whites.

Jared Taylor, author of Paved With Good Intentions, calculated things a little bit differently than I did.

Jared Taylor came up with a Black rate of 25.6%

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