America’s wealthiest majority Black counties

Race is always the biggest predictor of homicide

Maryland’s Prince George’s and Charles Counties are the wealthiest majority Black counties in the USA. This is because large numbers of Black residents have high-paying jobs from the Federal government. Keep in mind that federal agencies are all engaged in aggressive affirmative action to give Blacks preferential treatment in hiring and promotions.

Due to preferential treatment, Black Americans disproportionately work for federal, state, county, or city government employers. This is especially true among Black females. A Black female with a four-year degree, on average, makes more money than a White female with a four-year degree. This is because Black females disproportionately have lucrative federal jobs.

2020 State Homicide Rate:

State: 573 (6,053k, 9.5 per 100k) – 31.2% Black

Race of known suspects: 83.6% Black, 15.1% White or Latino, 0.8% American Indian, 0.5% Asian.

Race of victims: 82.3% Black, 16.9% White or Latino, 0.5% Asian, 0.2% American Indian.

Local homicide rates based on three year average (2018, 2019, 2020):


Garret County: .66 (29k, 2.3 per 100k) – 95.9% White, 1.0% Black – Fourth poorest out of 24

Allegany County: 1 (68k, 1.5 per 100k) – 86.6% White, 7.8% Black –  Second poorest out of 24

Washington County: 6.33 (155k, 4.1 per 100k) – 74.7% White, 13.5% Black – Seventh poorest out of 24


Baltimore City: 330 (586k, 56.3 per 100k) – 61.6% Black, 27.3% White

DC suburbs:

Prince George’s County: 76.3 (910k, 8.4 per 100k) – 64.1% Black, 11.4% White – Second wealthiest majority Black county in USA

Charles County: 10.7 (167k, 6.4 per 100k) – 53.3% Black, 32.9% White – Wealthiest majority Black county in USA

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