Was Antifa “soccer tournament” just another form of plausible denial for violent rioters?

No one seem to have seen any soccer being played

This doesn’t look like a soccer game. Photos from Portland Police Bureau.

In advance of violent rioting in Portland by Antifa, it was announced that a newly formed “Antifa Football Club/Antifa Soccer League” would hold a tournament at a local park called Duniway Field. According to the Portland Police Bureau, the park then became a staging ground for a violent riot. In fact, Antifa rioting continued the next day on an even larger scale. Rioting even spilled into New Year’s Day. This led to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s shocking public denunciation of Antifa by name. Wheeler is often accused of protecting Antifa and ordering police to stand down. While Wheeler likes to deny ordering the police to stand down during Antifa rioting, he has publicly defended these stand-downs.

Previously, the only time Wheeler ever got tough with Antifa, was when they tried to declare “an autonomous zone” right in front of the apartment complex that he lives in. Now Wheeler has shocked both leftists and conservatives alike by requesting State and Federal law enforcement to intervene and curb Portland’s violent community of Antifa. Wheeler also alleged that in 2021, Antifa rioters will actually be prosecuted for their crimes.

Only a few pictures and videos of the alleged soccer tournament were posted on Twitter. None of them even show any soccer being played. The Portland Police Bureau, however, has released pictures of criminal vandalism that occurred in the immediate vicinity at the same time of the alleged tournament. Antifa smashed windows and vandalized numerous businesses, a museum, and a police station. No one was arrested because … it’s Portland.

This is at least the second time that an alleged Antifa “soccer tournament” has been held. On December 20th, there was one scheduled for Cal Anderson Park in Seattle. This park is part of the former CHAZ/CHOP “autonomous zone” where a dozen people were shot, two fatally, during a one-week period.

After years of protecting Antifa, Ted Wheeler shocked everyone by publicly denouncing Antifa.

Would you believe that the Seattle soccer tournament also ended in rioting? Seven Antifa were arrested during that riot. Not that Seattle authorities will actually prosecute them. Does it seem like a coincidence that two Antifa “soccer tournaments,” held ten days apart in two different cities, both ended in riots?

The core tactic used by Antifa is “plausible denial.” They teach their members to always have plausible denial for everything when committing crimes. For starters, they all wear the same black outfits. Whenever one is arrested, they always allege that the cops got the wrong person. A huge percentage of all Antifa, who get arrested, will also claim to be an “independent journalist.” They will say, “I was not rioting, I was observing the rioting so I could report on it later on my blog.”

The most popular Antifa weapon is a club with a flag attached to it. The flag is for plausible denial. They will zip tie a flag to a metal baseball for the purpose of hitting an innocent victim. However, they will allege it is “just a flag pole.” They also tell their members to buy old-fashioned umbrellas with big metal spikes on the end. There are dozens of videos online of Antifa assaulting people with these umbrellas. They will often have them of sunny days, but will tell the police “I thought it was supposed to rain.” They will put harmful substances in a drink and pour it on someone, only to claim “it was an innocent prank with a milkshake.”

So, frankly, these “soccer tournaments” look like another escalation in their plausible denial game. “I wasn’t one of the rioters, I was only there to watch a soccer match.”

Normally Antifa loves to post videos on social media. However, between two soccer tournaments, we only found this one five-second clip that purports to show Antifa playing soccer. It is from the Seattle event. The clip shows two balls in play on the same court, so it does not even depict an actual “game,” just some guys in all black kicking two different balls around.

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