Video: FDA hears presentations about side effects from the Pfizer mRNA vaccine

Is a 3rd dose of Pfizer safe and effective?

The FDA conducted its 167th Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee [VRBPAC] on September 17th, 2021. The topic was the possible authorization of a “3rd booster dose” of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine for Covid-19. After the hearing, the FDA concluded that a 3rd booster dose of the Pfizer vaccine should only be for people who are in very specific high risk categories.

The entire hearing, which is over eight hours long, was streamed on Youtube. This includes presentations on the possible side effects of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine. A topic that Youtube has deleted other videos for discussing.

Presentations on possible side effects occurred during the Open Hearing Session that begins at the 4-hour mark.

4:09:50 Mark: Jessica Rose, Viral Immunologist. Rose gives a presentation on the high rate of side effects and vaccine related deaths being reported.

4:13 Mark: Professor Retsef Levi, MIT Sloan School of Management. Levi gives a presentation discussing the failures of the Pfizer vaccine in Israel.

4:17 Mark: Dr. Joseph Fraiman, Emergency Medical Physician. Fraiman talks about the risk of myocarditis as a side effect of the vaccine in young, healthy people.

4:20 Mark: Steve Kirsch, Executive Director of the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund. Kirsch’s presentation is about the high risk of heart problems as a side effect of the vaccine.

4:24 Mark: David Wiseman, Ph.D. Wiseman discusses Pfizer’s clinical studies and says they have not presented any substantial evidence that an extra booster shot would be effective or safe. He lists a wide spectrum of health problems being blamed on the Pfizer vaccine in Israel.

4:27 Mark: Kermit Kubitz. He advocates in favor of authorizing a third booster dose.

4:30:30 Mark: Dr. Peter Doshi, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. Doshi’s gives a presentation saying approval for a 3rd dose would be inconsistent with the FDA’s original Covid-19 vaccine goals. Also that adequate research on the safety of a third dose has not been done.

4:34 Mark: Dr. Micheal Carome, Director of Health Research Group. Advocates that a third booster is the wrong strategy and the US should instead focus on vaccinating people in the 3rd world.

4:38:30 Mark: Kim Witczak, FDA Consumer Representative. Delivers presentation on how the vaccine debate is being driven by politics. Talks about medical professionals being threatened into silence.

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