VICE is shutting down after committing woke suicide


We published a column from Renaissance Horizon about this last year. Here is an update.

From Renaissance Horizon

VICE once made excellent documentaries. The best is VICE Guide to Liberia, starring co-founder Shane Smith and Liberian warlord General Butt Naked. Many other VICE documentaries are amazing.

However, all the good stuff is pretty much 2014 and earlier. Then they got involved with HBO and Bill Maher. A year later, they were cringing left-wing agitation-propaganda. The company was valued in the billions at the time. Yet they suddenly started taking out huge loans to stay afloat. As things worsened, they received loans from George Soro’s asset management company to stay alive. Last year, they filed for bankruptcy.

Fortress, Monroe, and Soros asset management funds jointly purchased the company for $350 million as part of the final bankruptcy settlement. A lot of this money went to the other debt holders. It looks like their “investment” is a colossal disaster.

Ironically, the final VICE online article may be an attack piece on the Proud Boys. This is a multi-racial, gay-friendly civic nationalist group founded by VICE co-founder Gavin McInnis. (We are supposed to believe it is a radical far-right/White supremacist group). You couldn’t even write a stranger’s fiction. McInnis left VICE around 2008 (I believe) and went solo.

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