Ukraine makes it a major criminal offense to receive food or medicine from Russians

What comes next?

Starting today, it is now a criminal offense to receive or distribute humanitarian aid from Russians. You will be guilty of the crime of collaboration and face up to fifteen years in prison. This was announced by Alyona Matveeva, spokesman for the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior.

Since the start of the war, hundreds of thousands of people have received food and/or prescription medications directly from the Russian army or DPR/LPR separatist militia. 

Cities like Mariupol and Volnovakha have heavily depended on humanitarian aid and continue to receive large amounts of assistance daily from the Russian government, Russian-based charities, and the break-away Donetsk People’s Republic. The Red Cross and other international groups have also delivered aid, but the bulk comes from Russian and separatist sources.

Grocery stores south of the frontlines rely on products imported from Russia. They have no means of buying new inventory from areas still held by Ukraine. Millions of people living within the official borders of Ukraine are eating food coming from Russia now.

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