Scott Adams has strong reaction to Rasmussen poll about race

Only 53% of Blacks believe "it's ok to be White"

Rasmussen polled 1,000 people, asking them if they believed “it’s ok to be White.”

When Blacks were asked, 47% of Blacks either said no or unsure. 18% said they strongly disagreed, 8% disagreed, and 21% were unsure.

Among Whites, 2% said they strongly disagreed, as did 10% of members of other races.

Overall, 58% Strongly agreed, 14% agreed, 6% disagreed, 6% strongly disagreed, and 17% were unsure.

After seeing the poll results, Dilbert Creator Scott Adams went on a surprise tirade. He says it is the only opinion poll he has ever seen that has made him change his behavior.

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