Portland is now one of the fastest shrinking cities in the USA

Murder, theft, and drug overdose deaths have exploded exponentially

Portland and Seattle have been testing grounds for some of the most dangerous “progressive” ideologies in America. It has gone very badly.

Murders, drug overdose deaths, homelessness, and crime have exploded exponentially. Businesses are now fleeing.

In 2020, Portland saw a staggering 61% increase in its homicide rate over 2019. Most homicides occurred during the second half of 2020 while city authorities conducted a stand down and allowed BLM & Antifa to riot for months. Mike Schmidt, a radical Soros funded prosecutor, also took power.

In 2021, Portland saw a 57.4% increase in the homicide rate over 2020. From 2019 to 2021, the homicide rate increased 153.7%.

1987: 66 (450k, 14.7 per 100k) old homicide rate record, in which nearly half of all homicides in the entire state occurred in Portland. This was a brief spike and not a sustained trend.

1993: 54 (494k people, 10.9 per 100k) worst year in the 90s
2019: 35 (654k, 5.4 per 100k) Low point
2020: 57 (652k, 8.7 per 100k)
2021: 88 (641k, 13.7 per 100k) third highest rate in the city’s history
2022: 97 (635k, 15.3 per 100k) highest rate in the city’s history

2023: 27 in the first 4 months.

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