Nine US Congressmen hoping to strip Trump of his security detail

Do they want him dead?

Nine US Congressmen are sponsoring a bill that would strip Donald Trump of his secret service protection in the even that their political allies successfully obtain a felony conviction.

The bill is HR 8081 and was introduced yesterday. Of the nine sponsors, eight are Black and one is Jewish.

Rep. Thompson, Bennie G. [D-MS-2] – Prime Sponsor
Rep. Carter, Troy A. [D-LA-2]
Rep. Lee, Barbara [D-CA-12]
Rep. Wilson, Frederica S. [D-FL-24]
Rep. Clarke, Yvette D. [D-NY-9]
Rep. Watson Coleman, Bonnie [D-NJ-12]
Rep. Crockett, Jasmine [D-TX-30]
Rep. Beatty, Joyce [D-OH-3]
Rep. Cohen, Steve [D-TN-9]

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24 days ago

8 blacks and a Jew. I’m so surprised?!