Georgia election official, who denied fraud, now says a woman illegally voted using his own address!

This is the same official who accused Trump of inciting violence by claiming election fraud

Here is a story that you could not even make up!

Gabriel Sterling is the Voting System Implementation Manager for Georgia’s Department of State. He previously declared that there was no fraud committed in Georgia during the 2020 election. In fact, he publically accused Trump of inciting violence by alleging that fraud took place in Georgia’s election. He even claimed that Trump’s allegations of election fraud were “going to get someone killed.”

Now he has admitted that his own address was used to cast a fraudulent absentee vote! Not only that, but his address was again used to fraudulently request an absentee ballot for the January run-off election in Georgia.

That is two acts of fraud using his own address!

Meron Fissha, a previous owner of the home that Sterling now lives in, is accused of casting a fraudulent vote in the Georgia election from her new home in Maryland. According to Sterling, she also fraudulently requested an absentee ballot to vote in the January run-off. At this time, it is unknown if she also voted in Maryland.

Some on social media have suggested Fissha is a fake surname, however, it is actually Ethiopian. Even more shocking, some people on social media are defending Fissha claiming it must have been “an honest mistake.” What Fissha did constitutes a felony under Georgia law and is punishable by up to ten years in prison and a $100k fine in Georgia.

Currently, Georgia officials are investigating 8,000 people who requested absentee ballots for the January run-off who are now listed as having moved out of state.






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