Dutch team banned from Egypt for giving Ancient Egypt a “hip-hop” make-over

Dutch National Museum compares Ancient Egyptian to Beyoncé and Rhianna

The Dutch National Museum of Antiquities [RMO] in Leiden created an exhibit that associates ancient Egypt with modern Black American entertainers such as Beyoncé and Rhianna. It is called “Egypte in hiphop, jazz, soul & funk.”

From RMO…

From early jazz to hip-hop today, from Miles Davis and Sun Ra to Beyoncé and Rihanna – in a lot of music you can see and hear that the makers are inspired by ancient Egypt and Nubia. In the exhibition Kemet. Egypt in hip hop, jazz, soul & funk the representations of Egypt are central to the music of artists with African roots. It is a journey through music history, in search of the appeal of ancient Egypt. What does ancient Egypt mean to these musicians? In the exhibition with an event program full of music and ancient Egyptian culture, you dive into the world of artists and history.

Archeologists from the Museum have now been banned from carrying out a planned excavation at Egypt’s Saqqara. The museum has been conducting annual excavations at the Saqqara since 1985. The next one was scheduled for February 19th to March 23rd, 2024. Their permits have been canceled.

The Foreign Missions of the Egyptian Archaeological Service denounced RMO as “falsifying history.”

The American Black Nationalist movement has long claimed that ancient Egyptians were sub-Saharan Africans. Many White leftists see it as fashionable to pander to this easily disprovable narrative.

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