Belgian city cancels plan to replace Santa Claus with African Queen

Santa Claus is too White

Ghent, a major city in the Flemish region of Belgium, is holding their official Christmas celebration at city hall today. City leaders planned to replace the Dutch Sinterklaas (Santa Claus) with “Queen Nikkolah.”

Queen Nikkolah is a fictional character created and performed by Black racial activist Laura Nsengiyumva, an immigrant from Rwanda. Nsengiyumva says that Black children in Europe need their own Christmas character who is the same race as them. Laura Nsengiyumva was supposed to pass out gifts to children while dressed as Queen Nikkolah and draped in the colors of the Palestinian flag for the Christmas event.

Ghent mayor Mathias de Clercq canceled the switch at the last minute after city hall was flooded with complaints. Sinterklaas is now supposed to pass out the gifts.

Meanwhile, the radical left continues top wage war against the actual black-skinned Dutch Christmas character.

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