Al Sharpton’s brother pleads guilty to tax evasion, mail fraud, and drug charges

He was previously charged with murder in 2018

Glasgow was charged with capital murder of Breunia Jennings in 2018

Kenneth Sharpton Glasgow is the half-brother of Al Sharpton and a pastor in Dothan, Alabama.

He just accepted a plea deal for federal tax evasion, mail fraud, and drug-related conspiracy charges. As part of the plea deal, Glasgow admitted to taking $407,450 from one of his non-profit charities and spending the money on himself. All while not paying taxes and collective disability payments from Social Security.

Glasgow runs two charities: the Ordinary Peoples Society and the Prodigal Child Project. Federal prosecutors say he never filed a personal tax return for 2018 and filed fraudulent returns for his non-profits. He also made false statements to the Social Security Administration [SSA] to continue receiving disability payments.

Glasgow told the SSA that a disability prevented him from driving. Yet he racked up twenty-seven traffic tickets between February 5, 2015, and August 11, 2020. Glasgow allegedly bit a cop’s finger during a 2020 traffic stop. The cop was trying to remove a crack rock from his mouth.

As part of the plea deal, Glasgow agreed to pay $376,720 to the IRS for tax years 2016 through 2019. 

In 2018, Glasgow was indicted for the capital murder of Breunia Jennings, 23. Then he was arrested for putting a stolen license plate on his car while out on bond. However, he was never prosecuted, and the charges have since been dropped. Police say that Jamie Townes shot and killed Jennings while using Glasgow’s car. Under Alabama law, someone who aided or abetted a capital murder can also be charged with the same crime.

Jamie Townes is still being charged with murder in that case. Townes was arrested for an alleged violent mugging while out on bond earlier this month. Townes claims he shot Jennings in self-defense while trying to recover a stolen car. 

Glasgow was first charged with possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute in 2021. Tax evasion and mail fraud charges were only filed earlier this month.

A sentencing hearing for the plea deal has not been scheduled yet. He faces up to twenty years in federal prison.

Glasgow previously served time in prison for drugs in the 1980s.



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