Parler App was the most downloaded iPhone App for January 8th

Social media site Parler explodes exponentially after Twitter bans US President

Parler’s Android app has been censored by the “Google Play” App store. However, that did not stop their iPhone app from being the single most downloaded iPhone app in America for January 8th. It was also the second most downloaded in Canada, according to APP Annie which tracks Apple’s APP Store data. This vastly exceeds any ranking the Parler App has ever received before.

The MeWe App, another alternative social media outlet, was ranked 31 in US downloads for free apps.

While Google has censored the Android version of the App, it can still be installed on your phone.

There are a bunch of websites that are distributing the app.

Download the latest version of the Parler App for Android from UpToDown a browser-based App Store. The easiest way to install is to click the link with a browser on your cellphone. You will most likely get at least two warnings from your Android Phone. One from the browser itself and one from the Android operating system. Click to allow. The Parler app will install on your phone.

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