Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter scores modeling contract with elite IMG Models

Is this a rigged system?

There is a lot of talk about whether or not America is a rigged system. Do family members of politicians get lucrative contracts because they are the best candidate?

Ella Emhoff, the 21 year old step-daughter of Kamala Harris, just got a contract with IMG Models. This is a massive international modelling agency with offices in NYC, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, London, and Sidney. Roughly fifty percent of the highest paid models in the world are under contract with IMG. This is arguably the most elite modeling agency in the world. Their very name is associated with the word “supermodel.”

So did Emhoff get the contract because she is the best candidate, or because her father is married to the Vice President? The media is praising Emhoff and treating this as something she truly deserves.

Maybe you think she is attractive, maybe you do not. But, does she look like a super model worthy of IMG? Really? Does she?

Here are some of her modeling pictures:

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