SPLC Staff Attorney charged with domestic terrorism

Arrested after mass arson attack on construction site

Police say Antifa organized a musical concert as cover to launch a premeditated terrorist attack on the construction site for the new Atlanta police training center. The perps caused hundreds of thousands in damage using firebombs to set buildings and construction equipment on fire. Twenty-six people were arrested and charged with domestic terrorism. Almost all were from out of state. Two are from foreign countries, including Canada and France.

Among the alleged terrorists is SPLC Staff Attorney Thomas Webb Jurgens.

The SPLC has a long history of promoting, defending, collaborating with, and even hiring members of Antifa. The woman in charge of the SPLC’s “Hatewatch,” Hannah Gais, has even publicly glorified criminal violence against her political enemies. Recently, twenty state AGs denounced the SPLC as “utterly discredited” in an open letter to the FBI director.

An Antifa gunman shot a police officer at the same location earlier this year.

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