June 27th: A 65-year-old Egyptian immigrant savagely beaten by Black and/or racially mixed female perpetrators. The assault occurred during the NYC Pride Parade after one of the suspects allegedly demanded the victim remove an American flag from his hot dog cart.

June 20th (approx. date): A White male is beaten by a group of Black males in front of Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas

June 19th: A Puerto Rican couple is pulled from their car, beaten, and shot execution-style in the street in Chicago. The perpetrators include at least six Black males. Both victims died from their injuries. Local media dismissed this wanton violence as “road rage.”

June 18th: At least a dozen females are assaulted by a group of Black males on bicycles in Philadelphia. At least one male is also assaulted. The victims interviewed on the local news are all White.

May (Multiple Days): Several Jewish victims are targeted by groups of Arab perpetrators. The NYPD Hate Crimes task force made several arrests.

May 18th: A group of Arab perpetrators targets outdoor diners who they believe to be Jewish. It took place in West Hollywood.

May 12th: A White female was berated with racial abuse and then beaten by four Black female perpetrators. It took place in the parking lot of a grocery store in Louisville, Kentucky.

April 1st: A 66-year-old Pakistani immigrant is beaten to death by Black male and female perpetrators. The suspects are said to be ages 12-14. It took place in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

March 30th: A White male is chased and beat by Black males on bicycles. The suspects are believed to be as young as 13. It took place in Miami’s South Beach.